Why Wildberry!?

A fruit for a graphic designer? You’re probably wondering why? Well, I have my reasons..

The first reason being that my favorite Disney childhood cartoon series was “The Adventures of The Gummi Bears”. So as a child I grew up watching that amazing series about little bears trying to defend themselves from great perils by drinking magical gummiberry juice that let them bounce around and leap over obstacles that lay in front of their path. That is how as a child my fascination with the berry fruits started and over the years my love for berries only grew because I discovered that not only do berries have an amazing taste but they also have important nutritional benefits such as preventing cancer & slowing the aging process, etc… And my second reason is a bit of a philosophical one. Take a blackberry for instance. It is by a tiny fruit of nature and also a fragile and delicate one, yet it has so many unexpected benefits that it couldn’t go unnoticed and that is where the similarity between that fruit and myself as a graphic designer lies. I like to give back through my love for design as many concepts and ideas as possible as that colorul surprising young & small berry gives us back in nature.
So, see now how the wildberry perfectly fits  into the picture?